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Unresolved Issues

“Hanging onto resentment is like letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.” ~ Ann Landers

They say it is YOU that causes the negative emotions because it is YOU that chooses what you see and how you perceive things. They say YOU cannot rely on others to make you happy but how can all this be true when in Life what makes you grow are the experiences that you go through when interacting with others.

I say that people should be more accountable for their actions and how it affects other people. People have the ability to refrain from saying hurtful things or acting in a hurtful manner. There should be no reason for actions such as those unless they are acting in defense towards the person they are attacking. If that is not the case, then why bother. There is no need for it.

What is the reason why people act in such a Negative way? Typically, it is because something deep inside of them has not been resolved. They are struggling with Unresolved Issues. It could be something that comes up from their past that hits a nerve when they run across someone that reminds them of that incident or it could be a recent incident where they did not address the issue right away and has now let it linger to a breaking point or meltdown. It’s best to “Nip things in the bud.” Do not let things linger. If something is bothering you it is much better to get it out in the open and out of your system until it is gone.

We live life wanting and trying to do what is right. We listen to those that may be offering some sound advice but it doesn’t seem to be working. Why? Because you are not being yourself. The more you suppress your true feelings in order to please someone else or to be politically correct, the more you are not able to use your autonomy and deal with your issue at once. Not being you can cause health issues such as, Anxiety, Depression and Low Self-Esteem. Once you realize what things are bothering you, you will get to know the real you and you will be able to better align your choices in who you allow into your world or who you want to get out of your world.

You are your best resource. No one can tell you any better. They are not you. They may have experienced what you are going through but ultimately, it is up to you on how you want to accept it. The quicker you clean your slate, the more you do not keep things lingering, the better your true autonomy shows. Be yourself and you will then realize who is worth keeping around in your thoughts or not.


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