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The Focus is On You!!

In doing the MediaFast, the focus is on you, and being that the focus is on you, making the best of that time would be the best thing you could do to make the best of the MediaFast in general.

Off with the TV, off with the radio and off with the internet…hmmm, well the internet lasted for maybe a couple of hours into the first day but because I work from home and use the internet for work, it was basically a necessity that I be on it. However, it all boils down to what you actually do on the internet and the unnecessary time that you can waste being on the internet that the MediaFast was good for. So with that being said, (patting myself on the back), I managed to stay away from my regular social networking sites, such as, Facebook and Twitter for a total of 5 whole days!! That was probably the best thing that I could ever do. These social networks can reel you in for hours upon hours of the day and before you know it, you’re stuck in front of the computer and a good 2 hours has now passed you by because you’re constantly keeping up with the comments and statuses and tweets and retweets that are continually floating down the computer screen. Being away from it for 5 days helped me to recognize that a comment or tweet just isn’t that important to wait around for and indulge in. In order to get peace of mind, it can wait. Now I am not knocking the use of Facebook or Twitter one bit, but you should definitely learn to discipline yourself from it because it can be a waste of some good quality time for yourself.

Now TV was rather difficult. First off, I do not live alone and my boyfriend is definitely an avid TV watcher and being that it is football and now basketball season and the fact that he loves all the CSI and Law and Order episodes, it makes it very difficult. I ended up sneaking a peak at the Lakers game on Tuesday night and after that, it was all over, I ended up watching the whole game and yessss, the Lakers won!! I did manage during the day to not watch TV, stuck to my regular work and read a good book during quiet times but after another day of complete quietness, I began to watch more and more TV. Now with the help of MediaFast, I did manage to only limit myself to watching things like the History Channel, HGTV and maybe some biographies so I still did keep up my bargain with keeping away from the news, media and gossip or reality TV. Again, it is all how you discipline yourself in what you watch and how you handle your spare time.

Radio is a piece of cake. I love music but I really haven’t taken much time into listening to the radio for the past couple of months probably even years because everything is on video or on the internet.

So there you have it, my experience with MediaFasting. It was pretty much shortened up to 5 days. As I read some of the tweets about it, I did happen to see several people checking in, adding their experiences, most of them good and then some of them giving up after the first day. All in all, it was a good experience and it really helped me focus on more of getting to know me, it helped me catch up on a much needed book and also helped me to make plans and believe me there are some plans in progress!! I’m so excited about them too!!

Just remember, you’re never too busy to take care of yourself. You come first before anyone else, remember that!!  Take Care all :0)


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