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MediaFast One Week starts Monday 12am

The idea came up from a well-known celebrity on Twitter and paraded through timelines Saturday night. Through the help of another well-known celebrity, many people were on a twittering frenzy of their needs for closure and needs for more positivity and an end to a negative cycle that has been going on in their lives.

“The Entertainment Fast is to get you to exercise your mind, harness your creativity, Learn a trade, Start a hobby. Read.”  ~ undisclosed

“This Media Fast is gonna be epic. We can make the difference we so often wish for MindPower.”  ~ undisclosed

Everyone goes through something in their life, there are many testimonies one goes through in order to grow. These testimonies are there for a reason. They are there to teach you and they are there for you to teach others with your experience.

Lots of lives were touched that night as he retweeted their tweets and asked if there was anyone out there that could offer their help to follow these people. Many friends were made that night, thanks to this celebrity and his suggestion to try the media fast became the main agenda for most in order to bring the focus back to themselves and not the negativity that seems to surround them.

The media which includes television, internet and radio are a huge influence on our society today.

“We are a generation that are sickly CONSUMED in EVERYBODY ELSE damn business..” ~ undisclosed

“Insecure people attack “Secure” people with a mission to create INSECURITIES..” ~ undisclosed

“Hurt people wanna do just that.. HURT people..” ~ undisclosed

“Ok.. From Monday to next MONDAY. No Media, News, Blogs, Websites, and here’s the REAL challenge stay away from ALL NEGATIVE PEOPLE! You in??” ~ undisclosed

This means no TV, Radio, and Internet (outside of your scope of business or school) and of course away from all negative people and negativity in general!!

So it all starts with YOU. The more you suppress yourself, the more you keep busy (away from your issues), the more you stay influenced by others that do not have your best interest at heart then the longer it will be to get your CLOSURE.  And there is so much closure out there needing to be made.

Good luck to anyone who has decided to take on this great challenge. It will be tough but it will also help you GROW. You’ll gain a new hobby, learn from reading a great book and start to love yourself more.

I’m doing it too so wish me lots of luck and I will be back in one week!!  Take care everyone!!!

~ Love yourself first, that is the goal, don’t worry, it’s completely unselfish of you ~


October 25, 2010 - Posted by | Motivation

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  1. Aww! I can totally tell who this is.just by the “u in?” Comment! I wasnt there on twitter! What a.NIGHT! How did u feel? Im.such a nature.person! With water.being a.huge part of where i find my peace. There is technology everywhere, and we.are.the, “now” generation…kids dont even.know.what its like to.write a letter.and.wait…they play video games.instead.of go fishing or hiking etc. 😦 is good. Not for who.we.truly are inside. Not for our spirit or.soul. i love that you shared this!

    Comment by kristen | November 11, 2010 | Reply

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