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5 Simple Steps to get through Discouragement


1.                  DON’T GET DISCOURAGED!! It happens. You will be doing just fine one day and then next thing you know, you get caught up in a whole lotta nothin. Distractions, Discouragement and Disappointment seem to just keep piling up more and more around you. It’s almost like a snowball effect. It starts out small and rolls and rolls into this gigantic snow boulder that in reality ends up being a huge headache. Don’t let it get to you!! Sometimes these distractions can be there to help you without you even knowing it. The end result is that no one can ever take what is YOU away from YOU but YOU. You have the power and ability to turn away from the distractions, the discouraging words, the disappointments and start a new.

2.                  CLEANSE YOURSELF!! Cleanse your mind, body & soul. I mean physically go and shower, shampoo and shine!!  You will be amazed to realize how the water affects your thinking when you’re relaxing and rejuvenating your mind and body. As your mind is relaxed, meditate and close your eyes and think about what makes you happy. Think about the plans that you’ve made and begin to visualize how each thought connects to what makes you happy. Before you know it your mind will be zooming with more and more ideas and your creative thoughts will begin to flow just as the water is flowing. It truly works.

3.                  REMOVE YOURSELF FROM DISTRACTIONS!! That means step away from the computer, away from the television, away from the stereo, away from chaos and get some alone time, a.k.a. “me time.” Get to know your inner being, your inner voice, what your heart and mind is telling you, what you’ve brainstormed in the shower. You need to give your full attention to your PASSION!! Having a passion and knowing what you want to do about it is half the battle and well worth the time you put into it. Bring all those ideas into the forefront and make them happen!!

4.                  PEN TO PAPER!! I am old fashioned and I definitely get much more out of writing on a pad of paper than typing on the computer. Again, eliminate all distractions, focus on your inner self and remember why you’re doing this in the first place!! Remember what brings you joy and begin to start brainstorming on paper. Write out your passion and then all the connecting words or phrases or ideas to it that you can. You’ll be surprised what you come up with. Once you see it on paper, it will motivate you even more.

5.                  YOUR TO DO LIST!! Check off the items you’ve completed and feel good about that!! You’ve made progress!! Once you start looking at all the things you’ve accomplished so far, you can start adding new “To Do” items from your brainstorming. Stay focused on what is most important to you and how passionate you feel about your purpose for doing it and for making that decision of actually doing something about it!! Before you know it, you will be full of great ideas. Look at discouragements or distractions that come your way as a blessing in disguise. It’s just a way to tell you to get back to your SELF!!Self-Motivation is what it’s all about so always “keep it movin.”

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” ~ Albert Einstein


October 21, 2010 - Posted by | Motivation

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  1. I absolutely lovvvvvvve this article! Such amazing advice from such a dynamic girl!

    Comment by kristen | November 11, 2010 | Reply

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